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Digit Widgit®

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A fun & tactile way to learn about numbers, addition, and so much more!

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Starter Kit: 10 blocks & balance

A great way to start exploring the world of numbers and start developing STEM skills. Compare numbers to each other by size. Delve into the colorful geometric shapes and fraction wheels. Incorporate & measure objects from around the room for an engaging activity.


Educator Kit: 30 blocks, balance & teacher's activity guide.

Digit Widgit Educator Kit

This set is ideal for exploring all of the concepts that Digit Widgit has to offer. Perfect for classrooms because having more blocks on hand makes finding the right number a little bit easier. The Activity Guide is 32 colorful pages of illustrations that show how to use Digit Widgit to teach concepts from equality to basic algebra. We think you'll get the best value of all of our Digit Widgit sets with this kit. Works great in small groups or math stations, yet can also be used for classroom demonstrations.


Wood Balance: Sold Separately (no blocks included)

Using exploratory play and the Digit Widgit® Balance helps to teach the foundation skills of math by practicing reasoning skills, counting, making predictions and drawing conclusion. Use with any small object found around the classroom!


Expansion pack: 12 blocks 

Sometimes you just need more blocks. Expand the learning into the realm of matching, sorting, pattern generation and more. More advanced equations and multiplication can be taught by the incorporation of more blocks. We've made the blocks in this set are identical to the ones included in the Starter and the Educator kit so the kit can be expanded as much as needed.


**Plastic Version Coming Later

Our wooden Digit Widgit sets are shipping now. We plan on offering the Digit Widgit in an environmentally-friendly plastic in the future. We are excited about the added textural and tactile elements that will be possible in this version. The price point should be more economical but has yet to be determined. If you are interested in this version, contact us and we will be in touch when we have an official launch date.