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Vidget 3-in-1 Flexible Seating System™

  • $ 8995
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Vidget Flexible Seating Back to School Specials:

Starter Pack

6 Vidgets: any size / any color - 10% off 

Classroom Pack

20 Vidgets: any size / any color - 15% off

School Pack

60 Vidgets: any size / any color - 25% off

***Contact Viggi to purchase Classroom Packs - order is not able to be placed through our shopping cart.

Viggi Corp. is a WBE Certified Company in NY State & NYC
Contact Viggi for volume purchases above 100 Vidgets®


We also accept Purchase Orders!

Email PO or quote request to Jeannette at

Standard Colors by Size

Dimensions: Active Seating, Stool Desk